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Custom Emotes

I can draw you some custom emotes for your Twitch channel (that can also be used on Discord!) 


✧1 x emote: $20

✧3 x emote: $50

✧5 x emote: $85


you will receive 3 sizes appropriate for internet use, and the file's original size:

28px ♥ 56px ♥ 112px


Please include a description of the character(s) you want and the expressions,

for example:

  • happy
  • waving (hello)
  • love (holding a heart)
  • wow/awe
  • cry/sob
  • LOL/laughing
  • angry
  • grumpy/pout
  • shock
  • uwu /shy
  • something else specific you have in mind!

Custom Emotes

  • Please go to my Contact page to upload the reference(s)! There is an +UPLOAD button for you to select your file(s), and once shosen, you can press &SUBMIT to send them to me. 

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