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Character Art

I will draw:

  • you (and other real people!)
  • OCs and DND characters
  • fanart (non-commercial use only)


I won't draw:

  • NSFW
  • mecha
  • anything that I find to be inappropriate



Icon: Something small to be used for social media or Discord. Can have a transparent file as well.

(please let me know if you'd like it pixely or not for dA!)

Headshot: Just the head and shoulders

Halfbody: Down to the waist, hands included

Fullbody: Head to toe!



Simple: A solid color, maybe a gradient, maybe some sparkles ✧˖°.

Detailed background: We all love context. Something that fits the vibe of your character—I can include magic elements floating around them, a forest, a sky, an implied building, etc! This can also affect the lighting of the drawing.

I won't do full backgrounds for the icons and headshots. 



No: you ride solo, and that's great.

Yes: If you have a familiar, pet and/or steed, or some other creature that accompanies your character, I will also draw them! 


For OCs, it is most helpful to have some visuals and descriptions alike. If you've done any Picrews or sketches of your characters, please send them to me! The easiest way would be to make a Google Doc that includes any written descriptions you may have, along with what you've put together for how they should look. Include basic things such as size, skin color, hair, eye color, class, etc, but also don't hold back on the tiny details! Their favorite colors, a necklace they never leave home without, an elaborate staff they carry around, etc. 



More digital drawings

Character Art

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