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Published Figures

Directed motor actions and choice signalling drive cortical acetylcholine dynamics

Zou J, Trinh S, Erskine A, Jing M, Yao J, Walker S , Hires SA. bioXriv 2021 December 23,

​Independent representations of self-motion and object location in barrel cortex output​

Cheung JA, Maire P, Kim J, Lee K, Flynn G, Hires SA. PLoS 2020 November 3, 18(11): e3000882. 


For these figures, I did the mice, poles, and  neuron illustrations. 


Behavioral and neural bases of tactile shape discrimination learning in head-fixed mice

Kim J, Erskine A, Cheung JA, Hires SA. Neuron 2020 Sep 30, doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2020.09.012 (pdf)


Other Scientific(ish) Illustrations

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