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Publications & Figures

Cell-type specialization of layer 5 excitatory neurons in tactile behavior

King SG, Maire P,  Mergenthal A,  Walker S , Hires SA. bioRxiv 2024 March 17,

WhACC: Whisker Automatic Contact Classifier with expert human-level performance

Maire P, King SG, Cheung JA,  Walker S , Hires SA. bioRxiv 2023 May 22,

Directed motor actions and choice signalling drive cortical acetylcholine dynamics

Zou J, Willem de Gee J,  Mridha Z, Trinh S, Erskine A, Jing M, Yao J, Walker S , Li Y, McGinley M, Hires SA. bioRxiv 2021 December 23,

​Independent representations of self-motion and object location in barrel cortex output​

Cheung JA, Maire P, Kim J, Lee K, Flynn G, Hires SA. PLoS 2020 November 3, 18(11): e3000882. 


For these figures, I did the mice, poles, and  neuron illustrations. 


Behavioral and neural bases of tactile shape discrimination learning in head-fixed mice

Kim J, Erskine A, Cheung JA, Hires SA. Neuron 2020 Sep 30, doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2020.09.012 (pdf)


Other Scientific(ish) Illustrations

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