I'll paint your pets, I'll paint your people, I'll even digitally paint you an anime-styled portrait!

Pet Prices

4" x 4"

5" x 7"

6" x 6"

8" x 10"

9" x 12" 






This also includes other non-human paintings!  pokémon, landscapes, some other vaguely creature-like being. If a human is involved, people prices are charged.

People Prices

5" x 7"

6" x 6"

8" x 10" 

9" x 12"





Digital Prices





stylized portraits

Each person included past 2 humans is an additional 10% in cost. Don't worry, my Shop will calculate the prices for you. Pets don't count as extra people, so two people and a pet would still only be baseline price!

See more detailed prices for Digital Commissions on the anime portrait or DnD character product pages

 I'll email you a high quality image for you to use to your liking. I can draw you , your OCs, D&D characters, social media icons, recreate a photo, and more!  See some examples on my digital drawing page.

Commissions are placed on my  Shop page, and references are uploaded on my Contact page

Thank you for all who commission me and support my endeavors

my commissions (not including gifts and personal projects) to date:

FAQ: Policies & Shipping

What exactly am I receiving when I commission you?

  • My pet and people commissions are done on canvas panel  (flat, hard, sturdy, safe to ship!) in acrylic paints, unless otherwise specified. I ship these for free within the US, using the USPS, and will provide you with a tracking number as soon as I ship it. In regards to digital art, I will only send you the file for you to use digitally or have printed yourself.

When and How do I pay you?

  • Please pay me up front, either through my website or by messaging me. If you are not planning to pay with card through the website, we can also discuss payment plans (i.e. 50% up front, and the rest when I finish it, etc).

  • Wix allows for secure card payments, Paypal, and has an option for you to manually pay me via Venmo or Zelle (details at checkout).  If you venmo me, please be selective with your description, as they don't approve of people using their service for business purposes, and can deactivate accounts. Fun emojis and/or the name of your subject, along with "Fentropy", are great! No buzzwords words like "commission",  "custom pet painting", "I am paying you for goods and services", please! 

How long is this going to take?

  • Please allow ~2-6 weeks to account for painting and shipping times. Depending on work and my other commissions, I can start your new painting anywhere between that day or 3 weeks later, and most paintings can be finished in 1-2 weeks  (unless they're really big, or have a lot of human faces).  Everything is basically first come first serve. I can prioritize urgent paintings if needbe and finish them the following weekend, but please be respectful of my time and the other commissioners. I will update you when I start and finish the painting to keep you in the loop, and will of course send you an image to approve before shipment!

  • I can't control the speed at which the USPS delivers. While most paintings arrive within a week  after dispatch with First Class, there are cases where packages are very delayed. I apologize in advance for any inconveniences that may arise. If desired, I can pay extra for Priority Mail (guaranteed within 3 days), but the additional cost of shipping will need to be paid upfront. You can pay this additional fee of $7.50 through the venmo QR code on my Contact page, or in checkout if you are using Manual Payment. 

How flexible are you in terms of content creation?

  • I am willing to be creative in some aspects, but please be as clear as possible in your description and provided references. The clearer the photo, the better, but if you want an old low quality photo enhanced in the form of a painting, I will do my best to immortalize it! I can also work with multiple references to merge or manipulate an image (i.e. having a cat's head turned, ears not cropped off, two pets together, etc). My portfolio and the array of commissions above should give a clear idea of the style you will receive. If you'd like a specific style (extra colorful, black and white, a banner and floral frame) just include that in your request!

Can I commission non-acrylic paintings, weird dimensions, or stretched canvases?

  • Feel free to message me prior to payment if you have a request for a different medium, unique canvas sizes, or stretched canvases and we can figure it out from there! I typically only offer acrylic commissions as I'm most experienced with those and they dry quickly, but if you are partial to a previous style of mine, we can discuss that. Stretched canvases are harder to ship, so shipping costs will need to be calculated into the payment (+$10).

Can I get a refund for postal damages or [other reasons]?

  • Unfortunately, no. I have no control over the USPS and the works are at the whim of the postal service once I hand them off. My paintings are sealed in plastic slips and bubble envelopes to protect them from the elements, but if something is somehow damaged (broken, scratched) I cannot offer a refund. I will, however, have a properly sized canvas print made of the original painting to make up for the damage, at no cost to you. If it is a print instead that is mishandled, I will resend the print at no cost to you as well.

  • Because custom commissions and paintings take a lot of time and resources, I cannot give you a refund if you decide you no longer want the commission once I've started it. 

As a final note, please don't upload files unless you're commissioning me. If you'd like to show me your commission/gifted painting however, please feel free to upload it in the comments section on my Contact page! Tagging my Instagram @fentropy.art on your posts is also encouraged and appreciated ♥ Thank you for your time.