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Pet Prices

4" x 4"

5" x 7"

6" x 6"

8" x 10"

9" x 12" 






This also includes other non-human paintings!  pokémon, landscapes, some other vaguely creature-like being. If a human is involved, people prices are charged. See more examples on my Pet Portraits page

People Prices

5" x 7"

6" x 6"

8" x 10" 

9" x 12"





Each person included past 2 humans is an additional 20% in cost. Don't worry, my Shop will calculate the prices for you. Pets don't count as extra people, so two people and a pet would still only be baseline price! See more examples on my People Portraits page.

Digital Prices









Character Art

additional charges may apply

 I'll email you a high quality image for you to use to your liking. I can draw you , your OCs, DND characters, social media icons, recreate a photo, and more!  See some examples on my Digital Drawings page.

Commissions are placed on my  Shop page, and references are uploaded on my Contact page

Thank you for all who commission me and support my endeavors



  • I still own the artwork and will post it on my sites (e.g. posting on social media, portfolio, use as an example for my commissions, etc.) after it's been received by you or the gift recipient. I will give you proper credit on my posts unless you express that you want anonymity

  • If you post my art anywhere, always credit me please and thank you!

  • You may not personally alter the artwork at any time or pay for a third party (another artist, AI, etc) to alter the artwork.

  • Under no circumstances may the artwork be used for anything related to the sale or production of NFTs.

  • I draw in my own style, so I won't accept any commissions to create art in a different art style, sorry. 


  • I accept full payments in advance via my website or external apps.

  • Wix allows for secure card payments and PaypalVenmo and Zelle are also appreciated if we discuss your order. 

  • I can customize the art to fit your needs:

    • For paintings: I am willing to be creative in some aspects, but please be as clear as possible in your description and provided references. The clearer the photo, the better, but if you want an old low quality photo enhanced in the form of a painting, I will do my best to immortalize it! I can also work with multiple references to merge or manipulate an image (i.e. having a cat's head turned, ears not cropped off, two pets together, etc). My portfolio and the array of commissions above should give a clear idea of the style you will receive. If you'd like a specific style (extra colorful, black and white, a banner and floral frame) just include that in your request!

    • For digital art: please provide as many references or descriptions of your character (if they're an OC or for DND). 

  • My pet and people commissions are done on canvas panel  (flat, hard, sturdy, safe to ship!) in acrylic paints. I ship these for free within the US, using the USPS, and will provide you with a tracking number as soon as I ship it.

  • For digital art, I will only send you the full resolution PNG file for you to use digitally or have printed yourself, non-commercial use only.

  • Please allow ~2–8 weeks to account for my own daily schedule and other potential commissions that may have been placed before you. I will let you know when I am able to start your project for more accurate estimates.

  • You will receive a full refund if you cancel the commission before the work has started.

  •  If you cancel the commission after the work has started, you will receive a partial refund depending on the amount of time spent on it. There are NO refunds on completed artworks.


  • The client is not allowed to use the artwork for commercial purposes unless otherwise established. You are free to print or create any merchandise, as long as it is for yourself.

  • Commissions for commercial uses will cost double the base price. Please specify if this is for commercial use as I don't have this integrated into my website shop—we will handle the payment externally. Badges and emotes have the commercial fee already included in the price.

  •  Be sure to add credit in the media you are using the commission in, e.g. social media, streams, personal websites, etc.


As a final note, please don't upload files unless you're commissioning me. If you'd like to show me your commission/gifted painting however, please feel free to upload it in the comments section on my Contact page! Tagging my Instagram on your posts is encouraged and appreciated ♥ Thank you for your time.

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