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I'm Fen, aka Stef, and I'm a California-based artist-scientist hybrid. I grew up in the Hudson Valley (NY), and somehow ended up in Los Angeles where I am now a neuroscience lab manager in the Hires Lab at USC. I graduated from Bard in 2017 with a BA in Biology and a concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior. There, I worked as a graphic designer for SPARC and snuck in a few art courses to sate my artistic drive. My art here dates back to high school, including early digital drawings and pieces from AP Studio Art. Anything before 2010 is lost in the abyss (probably for the best).


 On top of being an artist, fake scientist, and cat mom, I also enjoy: reading (fantasy novels, manga, webcomics, you name it), watching spooky shows and anime, escape rooms, playing RPG video games that I've sneakily emulated onto my PC, and listening to music like this spotify playlist.


 portrait of the artist

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